Guide to Finding the Best Ceiling Fan for your Home

Choosing a ceiling fan for your home can be one of the more difficult decorating decisions you make for a room. Not only do you need to pick out a quiet, efficient, and cost-effective fan, but you need to find one that looks good too. There are a lot of factors that go in to your purchase, so we’re here to help.

The interactive chart of ceiling fans below and the analysis that follows will help you decide what the best ceiling fan is for you.

We all have our personal preferences on what makes a good fan, but your home is unique, and you need to find one that suits your needs. If you choose, a ceiling fan can be the centerpiece of your room, so we’ve dug up all the vital information on the best fans, just for you.

Ultimate Ceiling Fan Comparison Guide and Key

Ceiling FanColorBlade ColorBlade Size (inches)MountingPriceRating
Emerson Ceiling Fans CF712ORB Pro Series
Oil Rubbed BronzeOil Rubbed Bronze50Flush Mount$$4.7
Hunter Fan Company 51023 Conroy
Burnished MahoganyBurnished Mahogany42Flush Mount$$4.4
Hampton Bay Hugger
WhiteWhite52Flush Mount$4.7
Hunter 53091 Builder Deluxe
Cherry/Stained OakCherry52Downrod$$4.5
Emerson Ceiling Fans CF712AB Pro Series
Antique BrassDark50Downrod$$4.4
Casa Habitat Oil-Rubbed Bronze Hugger
Oil Rubbed BronzeDark44Flush Mount$$$4.7
Westinghouse 7801665 Comet Two-Light
Matte BlackBlack52Standard or Angled Mount$$4.2
Hunter 53122 Beachcomber
WhiteWhite52Flush Mount$$4.8
Westinghouse 7255700 Bendan One-Light
Monte Carlo 5DI52BKD-L Discus
Matte BlackBlack52Downrod$$4.3
Monte Carlo 5WF52BKD Weatherford Deluxe
Matte BlackBlack52Flush Mount$$$3.9
Hunter Fan Company 52090 Watson
New BronzeCabin Home/Walnut34Flush Mount$4.6
Minka Aire F843-WH
Westinghouse 7876400 Alloy Two-Light
Gun MetalBronze42Downrod$3.8
Minka-Aire F519-BN 52-inch Concept II
Brushed NickelDark Maple52Flush Mount$$$$4.4
This comparison chart will help you find the best ceiling fan that is most suited for your budget and home. Order the rows by color, blade size, price, and more!

Note that prices change frequently, but generally speaking, here is what each price represents:
$ = $0-75
$$ = $75-150
$$$ = $150-225
$$$$ = $225+

The fans included in this chart hardly scratches the surface of what is available out there. Many of the manufacturers provide the same or similar models in different colors, styles, and sizes, so if you like a fan you see on this site, keep in mind that you’re likely to be able to find it in the exact style that you want on Amazon.

Many of the fans you see above are 5-blade fans, which is the most common, but there are plenty of choices of blade configurations from all the major manufacturers.

Why get a Ceiling Fan?

Sure, we all know what a ceiling fan is, and you’ve likely seen thousands of them over the course of your lifetime in various sizes, styles, and configurations. But why should you get one?

You might be saying to yourself “But fans don’t actually make the air cooler, they just push it around!”. Sure, this is true, but fans do play an important role in keeping us cool. The increased airflow in the room generated by a fan actually helps evaporate our body sweat faster, which in turn removes excess body heat, thus cooling us. Ceiling fans are a cheap, easy-to-maintain, and are an effective method to help you stay cool.

Not only do ceiling fans help cool you, they also act as a great decorative centerpiece in any room. Fans are a great way of centering a room, which means by installing a fan you’re providing a perfect point of reference to position the rest of your furniture.

Your fan can also serve another important purpose by lighting the room as well. You can find them with no lights, or many lights, and many of which can easily be replaced with the specific light fixture you want.

Which Ceiling Fan should I get?

So, of all the choices of ceiling fans, and which one should you get? There are thousands of choices out there, like the Harbor Breeze line of fans. All of them vary in style, color, configuration, and price. Well, that’s why we’re here to help.

Before buying a fan, you should stop and think about why you need one:

  • Is the fan for decoration, functionality, or both?
  • Does the room need lighting?
  • How big is the room?
  • What is the style of the room?
  • How quiet does the fan need to be?
  • Does the fan need to be energy efficient?

By answering these questions, you’ll help yourself in figuring out what the best ceiling fan is for each room in your home. Each model provides different functionality and style, so the more questions you have answered the better you’ll be able to narrow down your choices.

Review of the Top 5 Ceiling Fans

To be honest, its difficult to say which ceiling fan is the best since so many people will be making their choice based on style, and in addition to that there are so many good options available. Regardless, we’ve reviewed some of the best rated fans from Amazon to give you a better idea of the pros and cons of each.

Hunter 53122 Beachcomber

Hunter 53122 BeachcomberBased on the overall Amazon rating (4.8!), quality, and reputation of the Hunter Fan Company, the 53122 Beachcomber is one of the best ceiling fans you could own. With a classic white finish, 52-inch blades, and a very reasonable price tag, this fan is hard to beat.

With 5 52-inch blades, this fan is designed for large rooms (around 485 sq. feet), like a living room or master bedroom. The WhisperWind Motor delivers very powerful air movement with extremely quiet performance, so no need to worry about keeping it on at night while you’re trying to sleep.

The three fan speeds (high, medium, low), and reversible airflow function, allow you to use it year-round, so you won’t get to cold during the winter, or too hot during the summer.

Another great feature that makes this fan suitable for just about anyone is that it can be installed with or without light fixture. So you’ll have more flexibility if you change your mind about how you want the fixture to look.

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Casa Habitat Oil-Rubbed Bronze Hugger

Casa Habitat Oil-Rubbed Bronze HuggerThe Casa Habitat Oil-Rubbed Bronze Hugger from Casa Vieja is a modern-style bronze fan with dark blades. With 44-inch blades, it has a slightly smaller profile, which works well in small-to-medium size rooms. This smaller form-factor and style makes for a good addition to a nursery, a smaller living room, or an office.

This fan hugs nicely to the ceiling thanks to a great base, which is easily attached. The easy installation gives you a great look without the hassle. This also prevents the fan from wobbling at high speeds, so there is no need to worry about it becoming loose over many years of use.

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Emerson Ceiling Fans CF712ORB Pro Series

Emerson Ceiling Fans CF712ORB Pro SeriesThis indoor ceiling fan has 5 reversible dark-cherry/medium-oak blades accompanied by a great matching amber scavo-glass globe. The wooden chain pulls add a nice touch to the fan, matching the fan blades.

The CF712ORB conveniently comes with a mounting bracket for flush or downrod mounting, giving you the flexibility to meet your needs. With the downrod, you have the choice of how low to mount it, thus giving you more control over the room’s air flow.

This Pro Series fan features a built-in Amber Scavo light fixture. Three 60-watt candelabra base bulbs are also included for your convenience. For more versatility, you can easily remove the light fixture and use the fan without the light in case you don’t need or want redundant lighting.

At a very affordable price, this fan comes with a lot of style for half of what you would usually pay. Upgrade an existing room with this fan to make a big impact on its look and feel without breaking the bank.

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White Hampton Bay Hugger

White Hampton Bay HuggerIf you’re looking for an affordable ceiling fan, stop your search now, this one is for you! Usually priced under $60, this fan is affordable on just about any budget. As one of the cheapest cooling options our there, you’d be hard-pressed to find a better deal on such a highly rated fan.

The light is a opal-frosted dome bowl instead of the uglier fish bowl style, so it doesn’t take up all of your field of vision, which looks nicer for a simplistic room.

The flush-mount is suited nicely for lower ceilings, which can be problematic for downrod versions. With a high-performing motor for quiet and powerful operation (with 52-inch blades), this fan is ideal for most interior rooms up to 20 ft. x 20 ft, which is the size of most rooms in a medium-sized house or just about any apartment complex.

If you’re a landlord, this just might be the perfect ceiling fan for your properties. The white color is neutral enough so the tenants can decorate as they please, and the price point is affordable enough so that you can purchase a few of them without incurring high costs.

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Hunter Fan Company 52090 Watson

Hunter Fan Company 52090 WatsonThe 52090 Watson is another great fan from the Hunter Fan Company. At a lower price point than many of their other models, the 52090 is an under-$100 option with better styling than most fans at the same price. Hunter also claims you can save up to 47% on cooling costs by using their ceiling fans and raising your thermostat 6 degrees in summer months (depending on your location).

For easier (and less) cleaning, the blades are specially coated using Hunter’s patented Dust Armor, which repels up to 58% of dust build-up, so you’ll have less to clean, less often.

You’ll also get Hunter’s WhisperWind Motor, which delivers powerful air flow with the quiet performance you’d expect from a more expensive model. You’ll be sure to sleep soundly with this fan on!

This smaller (34-inch blades) fan is great for offices, kitchens, or kids rooms. However, the chain is a bit on the short side, so if you have 9-foot ceilings you may have trouble reaching it. Keep this in mind when choosing a room for this fan!

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Now its Your Turn

We’ve shown you some of the best models of indoor ceiling fans out there. There is no shortage of choices out there, with so many varying sizes, colors, styles, and prices. While we’ve done most of the work for you, take your time to find the fan most suitable for you and your home.

As with many other products, new ceiling fan models are being created all the time by dozens of reputable companies. Keep coming back to for up-to-date reviews, comparison charts, and guides on the ceiling fans you want. Happy shopping!